Printable Mad Libs

I still remember doing Mad Libs as a kid. That’s why I get such a kick out of the fact that my girls love doing them as much as I did! I’m also pleased that with all the high-tech toys for kids these days, and yes my kids have some too, that my girls still find joy in simple paper and pencil activities. So I’ve invested in my share of Mad Libs books for them. But they go through these Mad Libs books so quickly! That’s why I was psyched to find printable Mad Libs. They’re free and just as fun!

If you’re unfamiliar with Mad Libs, they’re a fictional story with various nouns, verbs and adjectives left out. One person holds the Mad Lib and asks another person to provide what is missing from the story. The key is not to give any clues about what the Mad Lib is about. For example, my 11-year-old daughter says to my eight-year-old daughter, “Give me a noun.” Since my eight-year-old has no idea what the Mad Lib is about, she just provides the first noun she thinks of. This continues until all the blanks in the story are filled in. The fun part comes when the person filling in the blanks reads the Mad Lib back to the person who provided the missing nouns, verbs and adjectives. The resulting story is hilarious!

printable mad libs

Printable Mad Libs:

A Day at the Zoo

My Trip to Disney World

The First Day of School

Letter from Camp

The Little Mermaid

Sick Note

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